is a media about educational opportunities for Belarusian youth and content for self-development.

The project had existed since the early 2000s when it was called “”. In 2023, the rebranding took place, and with a new name and an updated team, the media continued to do the same thing — to share educational offers and help Belarusian youth prepare for them.

We believe that nowadays everyone can get modern knowledge and experience, develop any skills and learn any language. There are countless programs and opportunities for this, but sometimes finding something that suits you can be difficult.

We want young Belarusians to take advantage of these opportunities, develop, travel, meet incredible people from many worlds — and create communities, and share reforms and advice with other Belarusians.

Our goal is to help young people find an opportunity for themselves, prepare an ideal application, transfer knowledge and skills and direct them to the world around so that we can make Belarus better together.

If you want to contact us, text to the email or use our Telegram bot.

Distribution of our content

It is important for us that information about educational opportunities and content for self-development is freely available. Therefore, you can use our materials according to the rules of the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 Int license. Please do not forget to provide a link to the source.