Дзяліцца гісторыямі і фармаваць будучыню: моладзевы абмен на Кіпры

З 5 па 15 лютага 2020 года ў межах Эразмус+ пройдзе моладзевы абмен “Sharing different History, Shaping Common Future”. Месца – Кіпр, мястэчка Паралімні.

The project “Sharing different history, Shaping Common Future” aims to bring 40 youths and 8 leaders from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Greece, Moldova, Turkey for collaboration in implementing, reflecting, evaluating and disseminating how youths can shape optimistic future based on their different history. The project idea is based on the concept that youths can focus on commonalities between our common positive aspects of history, culture and tradition that can connect people more than divide them. This cooperation is based at the following:

Youths from different cultures feel comfortable to cooperate through NFL activities.

The project idea is a result and impact from participants and some of the partners of a previous project and the target group. We want to encourage them to proceed with this application since we foresee fruitful outcome and enhanced impact on all sides and in international level too.

History and Future based discussions provide shared orientation to the development of methods, activities and results because they are grounded to the direct interests of the participants. These foster creative thinking and can also in appropriate way lessen tension and cultural prejudice among people.

This is reason enough to explain why sharing history is a powerful instrument to foster intercultural understanding, communication and appreciation of diversity and of the importance of cooperation to shape the future by avoiding the mistakes of the past.

Каго шукаюць:

5 young people (18-30 years old) + one group-leader (18+ years old).

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